Hiddenite is a variation of spodumene, which is part of the pyroxene group its chemical formula is



Hiddenite has a monoclinic crystal structure.




Physical Properties of Spodumene (Hiddenite)

Lustre: Vitreous, Dull
Diaphaneity (Transparency): Transparent, Translucent
Colour: Colourless, yellow, light green, emerald-green, pink to violet, purple, white, gray
Streak: White
Hardness (Mohs): 6½ - 7
Cleavage: Perfect
Density (measured): 3.1 - 3.2 g/cm3

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Energetic Properties of Hiddenite

Key Words: Interpersonal love, heart healing, rediscovering the joy of relationships
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Supports the heart and hormonal systems
Emotional: Stimulates the emotional body, encourages joy, bliss and love
Spiritual: Teaches the spiritual lessons of gratitude and abundance

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