Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate within the cyclosilicates; with a chemical formula

A = Ca, Na, K, or is vacant (large cations);

D = Al, Fe2+, Fe3+, Li, Mg2+, Mn2+

G = Al, Cr3+, Fe3+, V3+ (small cations);

T = Si (and sometimes minor Al, B3+);

X = O and/or OH;

Z = F, O and/or OH.

Tourmaline is a group comprised of 27 different variations.

Tourmaline has a hexagonal crystal structure; and typically creates a triangular column

Physical Properties of Tourmaline

Lustre: Vitreous
Diaphaneity (Transparency): Transparent to Opaque
Colour: All colors
Streak: White
Hardness (Mohs): 7-7.5
Tenacity: Brittle
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal, Uneven
Density (measured): 3.0- 3.3 g/cm3

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Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Black)

Key Words: Purification, protection
Chakras: Base (1st chakra)
Physical: Supports purification of the body, eliminating toxic substances
Emotional: Helps dispel, worry, judgement, fear, anger, shame, and other toxic emotions
Spiritual: Aids with grounding and cleansing of the energy field





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Pink)

Key Words: Love, emotional healing
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Supports the heart, lungs, and parasympathetic nervous system
Emotional: Helps repair holes in the auric field from emotional wounds
Spiritual: Encourages one to become a living beacon of love energies





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Rubellite)

Key Words: Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and emotions, rekindling one's passion for life
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra), Root (1st)
Physical: Spiritually supports heart health and recovery from heart attack
Emotional: Rekindles emotional sensitivity, passion and enjoyment of life
Spiritual: Helps one attune to Cosmic Love through the Universal heart






Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Green)

Key Words: Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Supports healthy heart function, emanates prana for all living things
Emotional: Aids in achieving inner peace through centering in the heart
Spiritual: Encourages one to embrace the spirituality of physical life





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Watermelon)

Key Words: Calm, Joy
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Supports the physical heart, eases stress, stimulates release of endorphins
Emotional: Fills the emotional body with a radiance of joy, calms worry and fear
Spiritual: Stimulates the awakening of the true Self in the "higher heart"





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Golden)

Key Words: Will, confidence, inner strength
Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd chakra)
Physical: Supports healing of digestive problems, ulcers, nausea, bowel problems
Emotional: Encourages recognition of one's personal power, dispels fear
Spiritual: Inspires benevolent use of power, helps create prosperity





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Indicolite)

Key Words: Higher awareness, communication, healing
Chakras: Throat (5th chakra), Third Eye (6th chakra)
Physical: Supports attunement to healing spirits, helps with headaches
Emotional: Aids clear expression of deep feelings, emotional cleansing
Spiritual: Facilitates spirit communication, opens the mind to higher awareness





Energetic Properties of Tourmaline (Dravite, Brown)

Key Words: Self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the Shadow self to consciousness, self-love
Chakras: Root (1st chakra), Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Aids in overcoming addiction and self-judgement, supports the body's purification systems, helps overcome digestive disorders
Emotional: Encourages self-acceptance and self-love
Spiritual: Powerful ally for healing and integrating one's dark side






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