Variscite is a phosphate mineral with a chemical formula

· 2H

Variscite has an orthorhombic crystal structure




Physical Properties of Variscite

Lustre: Vitreous, Waxy
Diaphaneity (Transparency): Transparent, Translucent
Colour: Pale to emerald-green, bluish green, colourless to white, pale shades of brown or yellow, rarely red; Colourless to pale green in transmitted light.
Streak: White
Hardness (Mohs): 3½ - 4½
Cleavage: Distinct/Good
Good on {010}, poor on {001}.
Fracture: Irregular/Uneven, Splintery
Comment: Sub-conchoidal to conchoidal when fine-grained or glassy.
Density (measured): 2.57 - 2.61 g/cm3
Density (calculated): 2.59 g/cm3
Comment: Density of 2.2 to 2.5 observed in microcrystalline and massive varieties.

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Energetic Properties of Variscite

Key Words: Inner peace, love, and compassion, alignment of the physical and Light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing
Chakras: Heart (4th chakra)
Physical: Encourages positive brain states; enhances learning, cognition, reasoning and logic
Emotional: Opens the heart and kindles long-lasting emotional well-being
Spiritual: Inspires one to release negative patterns into the light, instills inner harmoney

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